Newsletter: June 2019

Newsletter: June 2019

Temporary Installation at Tourism Expo Namibia

The Namibia Tourism Expo is held on an annual basis in Windhoek. The expo showcases products of local, regional and international establishments and also features cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts exhibitions, food, beer and wine tasting, car shows and a host of other fun activities to attract travel enthusiasts and the general public.

In the previous years, the temporary connectivity that was installed was unreliable. The network was slow and kept losing connection. There was an option of paying with cash but it would be safety risk to consumers and retailers.

Q-KON and a leading bank partnered to develop a temporary but reliable satellite communication network that provided trusted communication for business Point-of-Sale solutions at the expo. Retailers were able to enjoy reliable, fast, always-on and speed point connections.

Is LTE the only alternative?

For now, fibre will remain the primary means of building communication networks. Once installed, fibre networks enable reliable broadband and corporate networks. The challenge is to get it installed, and while you are waiting for your fibre connection, the choices are LTE or satellite.

When your business operation is “off-grid” and not connected to the fibre networks, or you need an on-demand service, then these latest satellite platforms can bridge the gap.

Surprisingly, satellite is not more expensive than 3G or LTE. Rain currently advertises fixed LTE services at 5c/MB or R50/GB. The Q-KON Twoobii service provides fixed-fee (uncapped) options at typically R45/GB with the added advantage that it is not capped.

This makes satellite products like Twoobii a perfect alternative for “off-grid” business communication. While satellite will never be positioned to be a primary alternative for fibre networks, it is certainly an attractive business case for “off-grid” operations and on-demand use cases.

Q-KON Africa, “A Fantastic Service Provider”

The Timing Crew for the Impi National used Q-KON’s mobile satellite whilst doing the enduro timing for the nationals.

There was a bad signal in Eshowe and Q-KON came to the rescue by providing an uninterrupted satellite signal. We were able to run online and upload the riders’ times and results live.

Thank you Q-KON and the staff, what a lovely bunch of people.  We had connection and they kept us connected the whole day – until the last rider came in after 5. Thank you very much for your service. We really appreciate it. We would recommend them as a service provider. Friendly staff and fantastic service.says Densie Forsyth – Enduroworld.

Did you know?

The sun is 4.5 billion years old and has burned off around half of its hydrogen stores but still have enough left to continue burning hydrogen for another 5 billion years.

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