Twoobii becomes part of the Namib Race 2019

Twoobii becomes part of the Namib Race 2019

The annual RacingThePlanet in Namibia


The Namib Race is part of a 4-series RacingThePlanet UltraMarathon. The 2019 UltraMarathon series comprises of New Zealand, Namib Desert, Atacama Desert and Antarctica where all of the competitors run a total of 1000 km. The Namib Race 2019 was held in the remote Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia where the competitors faced tough conditions of running in the hot desert sun with temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees.

The Challenge

There is no communication along the skeleton coast… it is only home to wildlife. The greatest challenge was that radio communications did not work at the checkpoints the previous time so the Doctor had no way of communicating to someone in need of medical help which posed a great risk to everyone involved in the race.

The Solution

The Twoobii Satellite is a VSAT Broadband service which enabled people to communicate swiftly with one another during the race. The type of dish that was used for the race is a mobile dish which can be re-assembled at every stage of the race. A cyber-tent equipped with laptops and tablets was set up for the competitors to be able to communicate with anyone, should it be to ask for assistance, exchange emails or simply to have a look at the locations of the other competitors via the JustTRAC application. This was the only way of communication they had with the outside world during the race.

“We were super happy with how well it worked, given how remote the course area is. We would love to continue working with you in the future. The next race is scheduled to start on 26 April 2020.” says Riitta Hanninen, RacingThePlanet.

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