Twoobii Helps to Improve Customer Experience at 5-Star Lodge

Twoobii Helps to Improve Customer Experience at 5-Star Lodge


The Namib Desert, being one of the oldest deserts in the world, has become a huge tourist attraction, not only for local citizens, but for international guests and investors as well. Situated 21km from Sesriem Gate, you will find an artificial castle overlooking the highest dunes in the world! Le Mirage Desert Lodge & Spa, is a 5-star, one-of-its-kind construction, with a reputation for having the best views of the desert from every spacious, comfortable room. Guests can take part in many activities offered by this lodge or relax at the swimming pool sheltered from the desert in an oasis of palm trees.

The Voice of the Customer is what Matters Most

There is an adequate amount of positive reviews on the internet of Le Mirage. Guests from all over the world only have praise for this lovely retreat, but sometimes it happens that something falls short of the expected paid-for service. For some time, Le Mirage Desert Lodge experienced very unreliable WiFi and Internet Access. As per a few guests: “However, the Internet Access is atrocious!” and “WiFi was hopeless”. The management from Le Mirage listened and finally, after numerous disappointing engagements with other Service Providers, they were introduced to the fastest & most affordable Satellite Business Broadband Solution – Twoobii!

The Solution

A leading bank in Namibia in partnership with Q-KON Africa developed a proven satellite access solution to provide reliable connectivity for point-of-sale services anywhere in Namibia. The satellite services were installed and provided an elegant solution for the point-of-sale requirement while the new Q-KON Twoobii satellite broadband service easily connects all the WiFi hotspot areas. Guests can now enjoy unlimited WiFi access at the pool and bar areas as well as in their rooms. The owners and management of Le Mirage can also now remotely switch on the security cameras and access video material in the Cloud, without any latency issues.

“This is one hell of a system you put in there! Absolutely fantastic!” – Nel de Jager, Resort Manager

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