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Are you currently off-grid and not connected to the national telecom network grid via 3G, Fibre or ADSL?
Do you need a reliable “pay-per-use” back-up service?
Now to be connected 24/7, all you need is Twoobii Smart Satellite Service, the new always-on, anywhere connection solution
for all previously “off-grid” locations and business services.

Welcome to your
all-in-one Smart Satellite Business
Broadband Solution

Twoobii is a smart business broadband satellite service. Twoobii gives you voice, data and internet services anywhere you are. To be connected or not, certainly Twoobii Smart Satellite Services. Business end-users, Resellers, ICT service integrators, Twoobii is developed for you.

Fast satellite internet

Fast satellite
internet installed
wherever you are

Small enough to be installed anywhere, powerful enough to provide you with 20Mbps download speeds today, (…. and 100Mbps tomorrow). Your Twoobii terminal is designed for ease of installation, minimum maintenance and maximum performance.

  • Secure and certified for financial point-of-sale services
  • Different service options and profiles for data corporate networks
  • Fixed-fee smart satellite internet with affordable service bundle options
  • Engineered, developed and built in Southern Africa for Africa

Your One-Stop
Connectivity Solution


The Twoobii smart satellite network is finely configured to ensure reliable voice services over the satellite communication channel. Yes, with Twoobii, voice is possible over satellite!


Twoobii smart satellite is a “Fixed-fee” uncapped service for high-speed Internet or Corporate data services.


Twoobii smart satellite is a high-quality specially engineered service for premium users services such as video surveillance.

Private Network

Twoobii smart satellite is flexible with full end-to-end engineering options that can be used to implement specific “private network” solutions for bespoke customer requirements.

Point Of Sale

Twoobii smart satellite is certified by Banks and Financial institutions for retail and business transactions. This underlines both the quality of the network as well as the business credibility and reliability of the Twoobii service.

Back-Up/Standby Services

Twoobii smart satellite is and anywhere an always-on service ideal for fibre back-up services linked to a “pay-as-you-use” commercial model.

WiFi HOTspot

Twoobii smart satellite includes an option for Wi-Fi HOTspot services to guests, staff or other 3rd party users and with no additional equipment requirements.

WiFi Campus

Twoobii smart satellite solutions can be expanded to provide outdoor long-range Wi-Fi access points for Wi-Fi operations in campus areas such as Lodges, schools, commercial farms etc.

Solar Power “Off-Grid” Solutions

Twoobii smart satellite can operate from solar power systems to provide “off-grid” services to users who are not reliably connected to the power grid.

Customer Feedback

Professional Users, Small Businesses, remote office operations and retail operations can now all experience the benefits of reliable broadband services and permanent connectivity to the cloud and business services. Using the benefits of the most advanced High Throughput Satellite fleet, Twoobii smart satellite offers you a range of data rates and service bundles, all within your operational cost budgets.

We deliver tomorrow what we promised yesterday.

Find the best smart satellite
broadband plan for you

Use the calculator below to find the best possible smart satellite broadband bundle for your needs.
Simply drag the toggles to adjust, and like magic we’ll recommend the data threshold perfect for you.

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