Transcom able to connect to Internet after cyclone Idai

Transcom able to connect to Internet after cyclone Idai

Beira – Mozambique left in the Dark


Beira, a port city in Mozambique which serves as a centre for
shipping and logistics in the central Mozambican and Central
African region. The main imports are liquid fuels, fertilizers, wheat,
heavy equipment, textiles and beverages. It is a fishing harbour,
which includes canneries, processing plants and refrigeration
stores for fisheries. On the night of March 14 cyclone Idai hit the
port city of Beira, bringing winds of over 200 kmph. Heavy rains
caused severe flooding and damages to roads and

The Challenge

Airport authorities forced to close Beira international airport
after the air traffic control tower, navigation systems and
runways were damaged by the storm.
Hotels that were not destroyed in cyclone were full. Almost all
roads and bridges were destroyed, fallen trees and powerlines
were in the middle of road making it impossible to get into
Beira. The World Bank estimates the direct economic losses
from Cyclone Idai in Mozambique to range from $656 million
– $773 million.

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