Overview of how the Twoobii solution enables Telephony Services.

Overview of how the Twoobii solution enables Telephony Services.


Twoobii provides reliable data services via satellite communication channels anywhere in Southern Africa. Twoobii is the ideal solution to provide Internet and data connections to users at “off-grid” locations who has no access to the mobile of fix telecommunication grid. The Twoobii solutions was also specifically engineered to support the implementation of IP telephony services using VoIP technology. IP Telephony services can either be implemented by your 3rd party Service Providers or the integrated Twoobii voice services can be used. 

VoIP over Satellite

From past experiences and hearsay users and Service Providers generally question the successful implementation of VoIP services over satellite communication channel. Mostly the data transmission latency of 550msec are quoted as the reason why voice services doesn’t operate over satellite and while this was a contributing factor in the past, it is not valid anymore. New and advanced network management tools, quality-of-service solutions and satellite modem technologies has very much eliminated VoIP-over-Satellite constraints. Today the Twoobii solution is a clear example of the successful implementation of IP telephony service over satellite communication channels even with 550msec data transmission latency.

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